Critical Linking for September 29th, 2015


The double room height at the street side gave the possibility to create a special space for the smallest of the library readers. This children’s space consist of a wooden sitting corner on the ground floor, which might facilitate cosy class readings. It is topped by an enormous hammock of sisal rope as a mezzanine, in which the children can dream away with the books that they are reading.

Freaking awesome.


The literature map took Vargic three weeks to produce, and, like his other popular maps — including the viral Map of the Internet 1.0 — it includes such fine detail that the best experience is found by simply buying the hardcover edition. For example, the Theatrical Sea rests between Romanticism and Realism in the region of Drama, and deserves a longer study.

Maybe the apex of the pyramid of coffee table books for book nerds.


The ALA’s new State of America’s Libraries Report [PDF] shows American public and school libraries are being challenged most often over graphic novels like Saga and YA novels and books by people of color like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Maybe this is because people of color tell the stories that the rest of us are uncomfortable hearing? A very telling overview.



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