The Week’s Most Popular Posts: September 21 – 25, 2015

Let’s catch up with the week’s most popular posts here on Panels:

I am sorry to say that David Tennant is in a role that we’re not going to fangirl over. And I’m a little nervous about how the show is going to handle his character. It’s hard to write issues of consent in a non-exploitative way. But I’m excited to see Tennant back on the small screen, and to see what he can do with such a vile character.

I’m just definitely not OTP-ing him with anyone. Because no one deserves the Purple Man.

from Why The Purple Man Is Not Hot by Preeti Chhibber


If you’ve been seeing more pink, blue, and lavender lines in your life as of late: good! This week marks the annual Bisexual Awareness Week, and today, specifically, is Bisexual Pride Day. Members of bisexual and other fluid communities are often overlooked or made invisible in matters of representation—including, disappointingly so, in the LGBTQ community overall.

Take today to celebrate your bisexual friends and let them know that you are, in fact, aware of them—before their invisibility cloaks become accessible to them yet again. And while you do that, consider checking out these recent comics that feature bisexual characters, bisexual creators, or both!

from 4 Recent “Must-Bi” Comics for Bisexual Pride Day by Jon Erik Christianson


Doctor Who entered my life at just the right time in 2006. I love a good time travel story, and the format of bouncing around time to land in new locations each week was very appealing. I took to the show almost immediately and took the deep dive into the whole history of the show soon after. And it’s only grown from there – books, comics and audio dramas are all ways for me to get my Who fix when there isn’t a series on TV.
With Series 9 upon us, the cantankerous old man and his charming and determined assistant will be careening through time and space to save… all of time and space. As we get ready to see what surprises, twists and turns The Doctor will face this season, here are some comics that can fill the TARDIS-shaped hole in your life between new episodes.

from Seven Comics for Doctor Who Fans by Brian McNamara


Look out your window. Are there leaves on the ground? Is the sky gray? Can you see at least one person wearing a sweater? We can’t deny it any more, my summer-loving friends: fall is almost here. For some people, the arrival of fall means pumpkins, or at least pumpkin-flavored things, or maybe just several decorative gourds and a dream. For me, fall has always meant one thing: it’s ghost season, bitches. Time to re-watchCasper, remember what a cutie Devon Sawa was, and weird out all of my friends and coworkers who didn’t know I was into this stuff. Sorry, guys.

For my fellow ghost fans who also love comics (fine, comics fans who also love ghosts), here are a few awesome ghost comics to enjoy with a cup of tea and all of the lights in your house turned on.

from It’s Ghost Season, Comics Fans! by Hilary Lawlor


While I have no doubts that Lumberjanes will continue to be awesome, I can’t help but pause to mourn the initial dream team of Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters, and Brooke Allen. As we bid farewell (and CONGRATULATIONS) to co-writer Stevenson, we take a moment to look back at the 25 best moments (or at least, my personal favorites) from Lumberjanes 1 through 17. (I was going to try to do 10, but… well.)

from The 25 Best Moments from Lumberjanes #1 – #17 by Jenn Northington

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