48 Books to Read In Your 30s and More Critical Linking

Now that you’ve lived a little, it’s time to reflect on what got you here, what’s coming next, and how to live a more fulfilling life. In alphabetical order by title.

This is an interesting list of books you should read in your 30s. Some Book Riot favorites in here and some new-to-me titles.


In Berkeley, Calif., the Tool Lending Library, a forerunner of the maker movement that was established in 1979, now houses some 3,000 tools, including weed whackers, drain snakes, demolition hammers and saws. Patrons must be at least 18.

“We’re a pretty personal library,” said Adam Broner, a librarian who is also a carpenter. “When the toilet is clogged, people come here.”

One of my favorite things about libraries and studying them was looking at the different types of collections — beyond books — various public libraries kept. Here’s a look at some unique ones around the US.


Angela Gomez, the mother of two, said that it’s important for her kids to read in both languages, and she says it’s due to this type of bookstore offering a variety of titles.

“I hope that this truck goes to more schools. It’s always good to give the chance to parents to buy books in Spanish that cannot be found in other bookstores at a reasonable price,” she told EFE.

A traveling bookstore made up of Spanish-language books for kids. This is so smart. One of the biggest challenges I had as a librarian in a heavily-Hispanic area was finding books for kids in Spanish. (And don’t get me started on finding any sort of kid-friendly posters in Spanish…)

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