Off-Panel: Women Aren’t Trying to Trick Men with Makeup

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“That’s why comics illustrator Megan Dong has been working on a new project: a series of comics about men “being deceived by makeup,”  which pushes the accusation that women are intentionally trying to fool men into thinking they’re attractive to its hilariously illogical conclusion.”

These are hilarious.

“Titan Comics revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that they’re putting together a comic to bridge the gap between Independence Day and its 2016 sequel, but the comic will go in a bit of a different direction than the movies. According to Titan, the sequel prequel will be “a rich psychological prison drama,” so don’t expect the original cast to show up.”

I’m here for Independence Day comics.

“The Forbidden Comics Humble Bundle features an assortment of comics from prominent authors that have been challenged and, in some cases, banned from US schools and libraries.”

Some great comics up for grabs in this Humble Bundle!

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