Critical Linking: September 19, 2015

  1. Glue fake leaves to your book for that “just raked” look
  2. Grate cinnamon over your pages
  3. Use a decorative cob of corn for a bookmark
  4. Replace the pumpkin in your favorite pie recipe with canned puree of narrative
  5. Write “Her Excellency Autumnalia, Queen of Fall” on all your THIS BOOK BELONGS TO bookplates

Tips for giving your reading life a fall makeover.


The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) fights worldsuck in many of its most insidious forms, and we’ve been doing it for ten years now! Since 2005, we have organized campaigns in support of LGBTQIA+ rights, literacy, media reform, workers rights, disaster relief, genocide prevention, and much more. We’ve also created a worldwide network of fans who channel their love of story into real-world activism, advocacy, and charity. What can we achieve in the next ten years? The sky’s the limit!

The Harry Potter Alliance takes Harry Potter fans and unleashes them on the world to make it a better place, and they’re fundraising for their next 10 years.



Ever since Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl became a thing, the label “chick noir” has attached itself to all sorts of novels that are domestic of setting, dark of theme, and where paranoia creeps in at the edges (and an unreliable narrator often to top it off). Reviewers have enthused over “toxic marriage thrillers” or “tales of intimate betrayal or mistrust”. Usually, “chick noir” novels are written by women; and the “new” genre, which arguably goes back to Du Maurier and the Brontës, has a flavour of a witch trial about it.

The term “chick noir” gives me hives.

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