Off-Panel: When She Felt Self-Conscious, She Created Her Own Superhero


Natalie, and her mother Angie Nixon, wrote the comic together because of Natalie’s self-esteem issues related to her hair and skin complexion.

That’s when her mom said she came up with the idea of Natalie’s hair becoming her superpower, and now the books are flying off shelves.

“We’ve had parents reaching out to us telling us how happy and excited they are that their daughters have a little girl who looks like them, who’s a superhero, and that’s a cartoon character that they can relate to,” Nixon said.

The comic sounds fantastic, but its eight-year-old creator is the true superhero–both for creating characters her peers can identify with, and for giving away hundreds of copies to support National Literacy Month.

ComiXology, the digital comics distribution platform and Amazon subsidiary, announced yesterday that it reached an agreement to add Drawn & Quarterly, a premier publisher of literary graphic novels, to its catalog…. In the past, the company has stated its goal is to broaden the overall readership for comics and graphic literature beyond the “direct market” (comic shop) audience for the superhero and fantasy genre work that accounts for the lion’s share of the current market in North America.

I hadn’t realized that ComiXology could get any cooler. Digital comics are here to stay, as if there were any question–and now it’s time to start counting their sales properly.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 1.11.55 PM

Just in case you didn’t get enough BB-8 cuteness from Swapna’s video yesterday, I present: BB-8 takes Disneyland! Perhaps he’s on the lookout for the new Star Wars-themed park? (Or maybe he’s wondering where all the Storm Troopers are hanging out.)

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