Critical Linking for September 18th, 2015


Here are 5 essential exercises you can begin to practice, regardless of your current age or stage of life, to keep your mind sharp and vibrant.

Maybe it’s just me and maybe it’s just that it is Friday, but I feel like I could really use these 5 Exercises to Work Out Your Brain.


The sound system at the event was terrible, which was a real problem. But even as I stood up on a chair and yelled to deliver my speech, half the room turned away and started talking over me. By the time I was done, I was talking to a very small ring of people, which felt, well, awful. More awful were the disappointed faces of the minorities in the crowd, the few who hugged me as I walked out and whispered, We wish they had heard it.

Mira Jacob tried to give a talk about minorities in publishing. And it turned into a microcosm of the problem.


Jonathan Franzen hates road signs. Likes trees and burritos. Not sure about humans.

Now give me free burritos. Or don’t.

J-Franz joins the Chipotle canon.

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