Critical Linking for September 14th, 2015


Like all good things, books have to come to an end, but that doesn’t make saying goodbye to your favorite characters any easier—especially if it means spending years praying for a sequel that never comes. Put off the five stages of biblio-grief just a little longer by diving into one of these series instead. Here are the first installments in several brilliant and addictive series that will have you hooked. 

I don’t think there is any better reading experience than finding a book series you love. Here are 11 Binge-Worthy Literary Series to help you find your next one.


Ness, who wrote A Monster Calls and the Chaos Walking trilogy, tweeted on Thursday that $1,018,000, or £659,755 had been raised for Save The Children. He started the campaign on 3 September, saying he was “tired of just tweeting despair” about the refugee crisis.

Truly remarkable.


The Alabama Booksmith is admittedly hard to find. It keeps few titles on its shelves. There is no coffee shop on the premises, no magazine rack or children’s book plush toy tie-ins. Yet, this place boasts of booming business and rabid fans, thanks to one special feature: every copy of every one of its books has been signed by the author. 

I think this is my favorite of the recent trend of one-trick pony bookstores.


Perhaps the most significant shift is the removal of the central concept behind the original site, which required users to become students of a virtual Hogwarts in order to progress through the books and experience the site. Jurevics said the change reflected the way the Harry Potter series had now evolved outside of the core seven books.

Pottermore is getting a facelift.

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