Off-Panel: Roxane Gay, Erica Jong, and Feminism

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

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“The deeper they got into a discussion of racial tensions, the more the backgrounds of these two powerful writers became apparent, both their knowledge and lack thereof. Randa had opened a can of worms, which led to more difficult and challenging questions from audience members. She had given us permission to turn this discussion into more than just the ego stroking of a celebrated author.”

MariNaomi has a drawn account of the conversation between Roxane Gay and Erica Jon about feminism and intersectionality.

“Things must be a wee bit tense in the world of comic book movies right now. At least, we’re guessing that’s why Zack Snyder, who has never shown signs before of being a big meanie to smaller heroes, just straight-up dissed poor Ant-Man for no reason at all.”

Y u be so meen Zack?

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