Critical Linking for September 10th, 2015


Click through to read our list, and don’t forget that these are our own personal favorites — since there are many more than ten fantastic lady sci-fi/fantasy authors out there worthy of your time, please add to our list and let us know which of your own favorites we missed in the comments!

This list of the 10 Greatest Female Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors is from a few years ago, but someone sent it to me and I thought it was worth sharing (again?).


The teen novel Into the River by Auckland author Ted Dawe has gone through a considerable censorship battle. The interim ban makes it a crime to supply, display, or distribute the book in any way – if one knows about the order. Individuals and organisations who knowingly supply the banned book are liable of fines of up to $3000 and $10,000 respectively. The ban includes schools and libraries.

Wow, a legitimate government ban on a YA novel in New Zealand.


Borderlands Books is an independent shop dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, which, like many other small businesses, has paper-thin margins. Borderlands’ profits in 2014 were 3,000 dollars down from 4,600 dollars in 2013. Beatts earned 28,000 dollars in 2014, a year spent working more than fifty hours a week, not taking any vacation time and earning less than the proposed minimum wage.

Good piece on the realities of one bookstore’s struggle to stay afloat.

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