Off-Panel: Who’s the Wonder Woman Movie’s Villain?

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“We’re looking for funds to dramatically increase our reach and pay our hard-working writers. Our ultimate goal is to become a self-sustaining, independent publishing company.”

Women Write about Comics is running an Indiegogo — let’s support them!

“In 2016, it is going to be Barbara Gordon’s 50th anniversary as Batgirl. We’re all pushing for really incredible things to happen. One thing I can let you know is early in 2016 there will be an amazing status quo change — this sounds like such a cliche! But this is going to change the way the Bat-World works.”

I’m intrigued and a little nervous.

“Wonder Woman may not have as many notable villains as Batman and Superman, but there are a select few who have caused her a lot of grief over the decades.”

Who’s going to be the main villain in the Wonder Woman movie?

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