Critical Linking for September 8th, 2015


Inspired by Mr. Akey, I’ve compiled my own list of “weepy” books. In the spirit of the piece, I’ve tried to limit myself to more literary works (or as my grandmother used to call it, “fancy-pants reading”).

Summer is over, so time to turn to fall reading. How about 6 Books Guaranteed to Make You Cry?


I rejected at least one thousand poets in pursuit of the 75 who are in the anthology. It was an exhilarating and exhausting task. And now I am being rewarded and punished. And I am pondering what all of this reveals about my identity—perceived, actual, and imaginary. And I hope that you, as readers and writers, continue to debate The Yi-Fen Chou Problem and my decision to keep the poem in the anthology. But in the midst of all this controversy and wild name-calling, I also hope that you take the time to be celebratory or jealous or disdainful or challenged by the other 74 poets in Best American Poetry 2015.

Sherman Alexie handling a controversy with grace, honesty, and nuance.


The makeshift library providing books to refugees in the Calais camp known as the Jungle has been inundated with books and emails of support, following a Guardian article about it. Jungle Books has now “more than enough” books to go around, and its creator, British teacher Mary Jones, is trying to redirect help to where it is most needed.

Small good story amongst a complete disaster.


For this articulate survivor, individual identity is supreme; efforts to drown identity are futile. He refuses to place cruel and witless slaughter on a pedestal of fascination or to locate in it any serious meaning. His primary focus is ethics.

Toni Morrison on Primo Levi.

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