Everything JK Rowling Has Shared About Harry Potter And More in Critical Linking

JK Rowling has been busy drip-feeding extra information about Harry Potter characters for over a year, as well as answering fan questions and giving insights into where the Hogwarts class of 1998 are now.

Her recent spate of Twitter activity appears to show the author is looking for something extra to fill her days with, perhaps suggesting some sort of Potter prequel will happen further down the line.

Fans will be crossing their toes for such news, but for now they have these tidbits of Harry Potter trivia to enjoy.

Harry Potter fans — geek out! Here’s a look at everything extra that JK Rowling has revealed about the series.


Even though Jonathan Franzen’s Purity is the first book on this list, it is in many ways the least important. The truth is that after a dizzying autumn, we may not remember Franzen’s novel at all. Just think: new novels by Elena Ferrante, Margaret Atwood, Valeria Luiselli, and Orhan Pamuk; short fiction by Joy Williams, Percival Everett, and William Gass; landscape-altering American debuts by Joanna Walsh and Eka Kurniawan; timely and timeless nonfiction from Gary Indiana, Carrie Brownstein, Patti Smith, and Margo Jefferson. Not to mention that the season brings a haul of great new works in translation, poetry collections, and a book of essays by Marilynne Robinson. And just when you thought the controversies of 2015 had died down, Michel Houellebecq returns in October to reopen our spiritual wounds… Franzen who?

Here’s your fall reading list. Or at least a good chunk of it.



The artist Javier Jensen has taken some of the most iconic covers in literary history and added subtle GIFs—so subtle that you have to linger on the image before you see what’s different. From the tiny whale flicking its tail across the cover of Moby Dick to the swaying flowers on Le Petit Prince, the effect is pretty mesmerizing.

These are really neat. My favorite might be Moby Dick.




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