The Week’s Most Popular Posts: August 31 – September 4, 2015

Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here on Panels:

Blankets by Craig Thompson (Emily Wenstrom)

This book has been on my list ever since I ready Craig Thompson’s other graphic novel Habibi. Like Habibi,Blankets has a rich soulfulness and raw honesty to it, as it delves into questions of growing up, religion, and coping with a world where we don’t feel we fit. It’s heavy, but not quite in the gut-wrenching way Habibiwas. But what I love most is the strong sense I get that the main characters in these two books are great kindred spirits.

from The Best Comics We Read In August by Caroline Pruett


Earlier this summer, my fellow Panelteer Christine wrote about using comics to get you through a hard time. For me, tough times are often accompanied by reading dry spells–nothing on the page can catch or keep my attention. I often feel too tired and worn down even for reading. That’s when I turn to TV. That’s why I’ve watched all of Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the last couple of weeks. And it’s funny, but me-the-reader, it turns out, was still in there, silently thinking away while I was zoning out in front of what, I’m pretty sure, is the funniest show on television. Because, before I knew it, I was thinking about which comic book characters were analogous to the officers of the Nine-Nine or what Gina Linetti might be into if she were a comics reader. Here are my reading recommendations for Captain Holt and his ragtag team of detectives, some of which have re-inspired my own interest in reading. Hooray!

from Comics Recommendations for Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Finest by Becca Sexton


Look, sex is hilarious.

It’s messy and weird-looking, and if you do it wrong it’s awkward and confusing and likely to leave you with a nosebleed or a pulled groin muscle. I mean, maybe you take sex very seriously, in which case, you should probably click somewhere else, but personally, I feel like sometimes you have to laugh. If you love sex, kink, power exchange, and full frontal nudity, and you think it’s OK to joke about these things sometimes, then these wonderful webcomics are for you.

from 3 Webcomics For People Who Find Kinky Sex Hilarious by Monica Friedman


Each month, we bring you 5 intriguing comics—whether destined to become bestsellers or under the radar—that you should keep an eye out for.

from 5 Comics to Watch For in September by Swapna Krishna


I don’t see my marriage, or the relationships of most of the married couples I know, in the stories I experience on tv, film, and in books. But I saw it in Misty and Danny. The relationship I’m in now isn’t the same one I was in ten years ago, even though it’s with the same person. That can feel awkward. It can make you question if your relationship still works in its new configuration. Or if present you is measuring up to past you.

“Being married is full of little traps. Sometimes you forget you got into by being two people who really liked each other. Sometimes you forget that there was anything before. That there was a time that the two of you looked at each other and thought, ‘yeah, I could do this for the rest of my life.’”

Married people still want to look their best for a date sometimes. Married people still like to go on dates! And not just to have a night away from the kids or for a chance to try that hot new restaurant everyone’s been talking about, but because we actually like each other and like spending time together.

from The Secret Love of Married Couples by Becca Sexton

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