Critical Linking for September 3rd, 2015


Michigan parents Dan and Alicia Stevers have uploaded a YouTube video of their 10-month-old son crying when they turn to the last page of various children’s books — such as Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and I Am a Bunny by Ole Risom.

We all feel you kid, via Time.


Don DeLillo is pleased to receive an honorary National Book Award medal for lifetime achievement, but a “little intimidated” by the citation for “Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.”



I can barely memorize my Facebook password. But I do know that at more than one turn in my life, I have stumbled backward into a memory of a stanza or a phrase that suddenly made the moment briefly beautiful, and connected, and deep. And that the dogged memorization of hateful poems, which sucked mightily at the time, later became the template for sorting the serious from the silly, before we knew what silliness really was.

The case for memorizing poetry.


Head Berkeley librarian Jeff Scott announced his resignation following a controversy over the process of winnowing old library books from the collection in a dispute that disgruntled staff members had dubbed “Librarygate.”

Culling books is a necessary part of maintaining a library. Lying about how many are being culled seems not to be.

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