Cool Bookish Places: Conarte Library

Ever wanted to wrap yourself in a cocoon of books and never leave? Now you can in the Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico. Well, except for the never leaving part.



The design studio Anagrama says their goal was to create “a space that wraps the reader in. The bookshelves attend more that just their basic function and were designed to simulate a dome that plays with the visual perspective.”



The half-circle of light on the back is designed to balance the perspective when gazing into the room, and the light blue color provides a calming atmosphere.


Ceiling detail

I want to live here, is what I’m saying. See more images of the space and get more info about the design process at Anagrama’s website.

Anagrama is the same design company responsible for Monterrey’s badass children’s library and cultural center, which we’ve covered before here.


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