Critical Linking for September 2nd, 2015


~Fall~ in love with a new book this fall.

The autumnal deluge of interesting books, so this quiz to help you figure out which one to read is a welcome aid.


Nicholas Hoult will star as J.D. Salinger in the biopic “Rebel in the Rye,” with Danny Strong directing from his own screenplay.

Another literary connection to this project: Danny Strong wrote the screenplays for the last two Hunger Games movies.


Never focusing merely on an isolated incident, Dune was concerned with the ecology of its entire imaginary planet, and the fact that it was fictitious is almost beside the point. Here was on author who presented a complex and credible world, where actions had very real and believable consequences. This was not just a first for sci-fi, but for literature.

In its 50th anniversary year: considering Dune as an ecological novel.


“The Public Collection will act as a sort of artistic big version of the “Little Free Libraries” that have been popping up lately — offering hundreds of books to the general public, including homeless and hospital patients, absolutely free.”

Huh. Not entirely sure what to make of this.

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