Off-Panel: More Pictures of Star Wars’ BB-8!

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“[Michael] Bay’s 451 Media Group has set up an interactive publishing division, with a view to create a series of graphic novels that will walk the line between traditional page turners and cutting edge digital media. (They probably won’t explode, though.)”




The cover to this month’s Empire magazine. YES MOAR BB-8.

I subscribe to Jon Erik’s idea that the queerness of a character should not be a spoiler because it’s not a plot point. But I’m putting my commentary ABOVE the link, rather than below just in case; this reveal from the latest issue of Lumberjanes made us all very happy.

“Something big happened in Lumberjanes Issue #17 today. Jo, one of the central characters — a girl of color with two dads, a girl who’s a kid genius, April’s bff, a deeply loyal but also sometimes insecure friend and an expert on what it means to be a Lumberjane — talked about how she’s also a trans girl.”

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