A Day at the Beach: Bookish Sand Sculptures

Though the summer might be coming to a close in this part of the world, there’s no reason that the enjoyment of one of summer’s finest traditions can’t live on year round. You might recall building sandcastles as a kid — and maybe even as an adult by yourself or with your own kids — but have you ever checked out some of the impressive sand sculptures done by professional artists? They’re massive, intricate, and some of them are even wildly and delightfully bookish.

Here’s a look at some of the best literary and book-themed sand castles and sculptures from around the world. Because some of these were found on non-English based sites, finding sources was challenging, if not impossible, in some instances. But regardless, the talent and skills that went into the works are immense.

alice in wonderland sandcastle

Love Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland? Then this sand sculpture should feel familiar (via).



old woman in shoe

How about a good old Mother Goose nursery rhyme in sand form? Can you name this one? (via).


harry potter sandcastle

This fabulous and detailed Harry Potter sandcastle came out of the 2011 Changsha International Sand Sculpture Art Festival held in China.



A very tall sand sculpture depiction of Rapunzel at the Harrisand World Championship Sand Sculpture competition.



What sort of books sit upon a sand sculpture bookshelf? I wish there was more information about this particular sculpture, other than it was created in Germany in 2006 sometime.



It’s Gulliver and atop the giant are the Lilliputians. This is from the Festival of Sand Sculpture in Weston Super Mare, England. (via).


lord of the rings

While this particular sculpture is based on the film version of The Lord of the Rings, it’s being included since the film’s based on a book and…it’s a helluva great sculpture. This one is from a 2011 contest in Bulgaria. (via).



This rendering of the monster from Frankenstein is so great. The button details! The scar on his head! This is from the FIESA Sand City Sculpture event in Portugal. (via).


alice's teaparty

Alice in Wonderland has inspired so much art, and it’s inspired more than one sand sculpture. This is from her tea party, and it was created by Anique Kuizenga for the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival in 2014. The photo is from here, and it’s worth reading a little bit about this particular festival and the artist in her comments.


where the wild things are

Also at the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival, Michela Ciappini created a Where The Wild Things Are inspired piece. Again, click through to the Flickr image to read more about the artist and festival.



Here’s an intricately detailed sculpture of Hansel and Gretel, on the beach in Haifa in 2006. (via).



It’s Peter Rabbit and fellow Beatrix Potter characters in this sand sculpture. (via)



It’s unbelievable that this is a sand sculpture with the tiniest details represented. Great Charlotte’s Web rendering, for sure. (via).



It’s Jumanji! (via)



And to round out this collection of bookish sand sculptures, a tribute to The Bard himself, which was created at the Somerset Sand Sculpture Festival in 2010.

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