Off-Panel: Moon Girl, a Comic with a PoC Lead

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Cover artist: Amy Reeder

A new all-ages Marvel series (Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur), featuring a PoC young girl by Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare, Natasha Bustos. I AM HERE FOR THIS. [Edit: It’s not all-ages — but written with a wide audience in mind, like Ms. Marvel!]

“As Carol Danvers rides high in the comics as Captain Marvel, it’s hard to remember that she wasn’t the first woman to take on the mantle: back in 1982, Monica Rambeau became that woman. If you haven’t heard of her, though, there’s a reason. Here’s the sad story of the Captain Marvel comics forgot.”

More Monica Rambeau!!

“Vixen and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow are the next wave in The CW’s growing DC Universe, building on the foundation laid by Arrow and The Flash in recent years. The idea is that no longer are metahumans simply the result of super-soldier experiments or the STAR Labs particle accelerator explosion. They’re appearing more frequently and spontaneously. That’s where Vixen comes in, as it explores Mari McCabe’s quest to learn about her family’s mysterious past and the apparently mystical totem necklace that serves as her only link to that family.”

A spoiler-free review of the Vixen animated series — I’ll definitely be checking this series out.



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