Critical Linking for August 26th, 2015


This week’s installment should excite your funny bones. Pulling decades back, we’ve compiled 9 humor books that will actually make you laugh — the good, out-loud, stomach cramping kind.

For some reason, funny books get short shrift when it comes to literary awards and bestsellers, but as this list of 9 Humor Books That Will Always Get a Laugh shows, comedic books are some of our favorites.


The trailers are also wifi-enabled so that librarians can register people for a library card and check out books on the spot using an iPad. “You can walk up and walk away with an arm full of books,” Mills says. “When we’re out riding, we get people honking and waving. They love that the library is out in such a unique way.” In the course of a year, the Books on Bike program visits 20-30 events and services around 1,500 people.

Book bikes sound like the coolest.


Kinokuniya, the largest bookstore chain in Japan, has announced that it will snap up 90% of initial print run of Haruki Murakami’s latest title to sell at brick-and-mortar stores and make sure that customers who want to purchase the book will have to go to an actual physical bookstore. It is a move largely seen as a way to stall purchases through Amazon.

I shall fight a near monopoly by buying up all the supply!


Another book, Tjuven (“The Thief”) by Rune Belsvik, is aimed at children around eight years old. In it, the main character, Jolver, learns how to masturbate from his friend Bob. The friend tells him how it’s good to touch yourself while looking at naked women in a magazine. I can’t quite see this happening in the UK… yet.

This piece about the lack of taboos in Scandinavian children’s books is amazing.

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