Critical Linking for August 24th, 2015


Parting is such sweet sorrow, especially when it comes to saying goodbye to a good book. Last week we asked on Facebook and on Twitter: What’s your favorite last line? Today we’ve got the top answers. Did yours make the list?

Goodreads survey of readers’ 20 Favorite Last Lines in Books has mostly familiar titles, but there are a couple of surprises.


Well, you’re in luck: In advance of the book’s Sept. 1 release, EW presents the U.S. exclusive preview of The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Chapter 9.

This sneak peek of the new Lisbeth Salander book sounds like….well a Lisbeth Salander book. So that’s good, right?


Reading turned me into a thief. Just like my brother when he got hooked on meth, I stole things to satiate my needs. It started after some late fee trouble at the library. All of a sudden, I didn’t have anything to read. So I made my mom drop me off at the Borders on the west side of town once a week while she did her shopping. I’d browse for about an hour, scope the cameras, carry around whatever it was I wanted, then, looking suspicious as fuck, I’d stuff the book into my waistband and head for the door. I stole probably 20 to 30 books this way. Sometimes I’d have one book in the front, one in the back and one on the side.

Confessions of a book thief.

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