The Week’s Most Popular Posts: August 17 – 21, 2015

Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here on Panels:

emoji quiz

from Quiz: Guess The Comic From The Emojis by Hattie Kennedy


Blindness to race, sex, and so on is not just an acceptance of the status quo; it is a demand that things don’t change. Willful blindness is a huge problem, especially right now during the events over the last year in America. The article goes on to argue that people shouldn’t be complaining about Strange Fruit, a comic about PoC written and drawn by white men, if they were not complaining about Quantum Leap, a TV show from the 1980s made well before social media even existed. At this point, my cat looked at me and said “OK seriously? I might kill things for fun but COME ON.” Well hang on in there kitty, because we still have some way to go.

from Political Correctness and Comics in 2015 by Marcy Cook


Luckily, he escaped before we at Panels had time to actually write an article about it, even though we did come up with some ideas…

Ryan North Is In A Hole
10 Superheroes More Likely to Escape a Hole than Ryan North
10 Superheroes Who Would Not Be Able to Escape a Hole
What Would These 5 Creators Do If They Were Stuck in Holes?
What Will Ryan North’s Writing Be Like Post-Hole?

from Articles We Almost Wrote About Ryan North Stuck in a Hole by Amy Diegelman


In the last year, Junot Diaz has rocketed to the top of my favorite author’s list. His writing and short stories represent everything I believe is wonderful about Hispanic culture. What I love about his work is how honest it is about relationships, love, family and the American dream for Latino people. What’s also cool is that Junot is a comic book fan. His book of short stories, This is How You Lose Her, actually has a special hardcover edition with illustrations by acclaimed Hispanic creator, Jaime Hernandez and throughout his work Diaz references Jack Kirby, He-Man, the X-Men citing them as sources of comfort and inspiration for his characters. All that being said, I thought it would be dope to put together a list of comics for fans of Junot Diaz to read.

from Comics Recommendation Engine: Junot Diaz by Kris Saldaña


There are a lot of people who still treat the internet like a machine that magically generates content, and that’s not the case. The comics that you see online take time and energy from the people who create them. They also have a literal cost – people lay out their own money for things like art supplies, marketing materials, web hosting, and travel. And many of them do so while also having a day job. It’s easy to know how to give your money to comics released by a major publisher – you preorders issues via your comic shop, and hopefully that helps the book stay popular enough to keep being released. So how do you support the people who make your favorite webcomics? You already keep your eyes open for cool Kickstarters to back, but what other options are there for supporting awesome creators?

from How To Show Indie Creators Some Love by Bri Rudd

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