Off-Panel: New “Fear the Walking Dead” Trailer

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If the Eisner Awards are akin to the Academy Awards of the comics world, then the Ignatz Awards, presented at the annual Small Press Expo, is akin to the Sundance Film Festival. You’ll see some of the same professionals you see in mainstream comics (and many you haven’t…yet), but these projects are different. They’re innovative. Personal. They encompass a variety of formats, styles, and subject matter, exactly as you’d expect from a broad category like “indie comics.”

The 2015 Ignatz Award nominees have been announced! Let’s all go binge on some excellent comics.

“We tried to slow burn the story, make it as much about the anxiety and tension and paranoia that goes with this outbreak as much as it is about the actual confrontations with zombies.”

In the new Walking Dead spinoff series, there will be blood. But also emotions. (Check out the trailer here.)

Did you know that Batman is a city in Turkey? Or that the Penguin is based on a cigarette mascot? Or that The Flash once ran all the way to the Marvel Universe? Or that Jimmy Olsen dreamed up both Lucifer and Supergirl?

Here are 50 facts about DC Comics that even the most hard-core fans might not know.

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