Critical Linking for August 19th, 2015


Good news, readers formerly known as bookworms: there are words for all these things! You might be a bibliophagist rather than a bibliophile. A sesquipedalian rather than just something who likes words! Here are 9 words about books and reading that all true book nerds need in their lives.

All you sesquipedalians will enjoy this list of 9 Words Every Book Lover Needs to Know.


The romantic comedy, which is being pushed forward by Voltage Pictures, will examine the important relationships in Austen’s life and how they influenced her major works. According to the Tracking Board, the film will be a combination of scenes from the author’s life and her books.

Everyone knows that Austen ends up alone, right?


Take a tour of bestselling and beloved author Haruki Murakami’s office and desk—a workspace filled with memorabilia and lined with about 10,000 vinyl records.

Of course Murakami is into vinyl. Because of course he is.


Authors John Grisham, Kathryn Stockett and Richard Ford have joined together as part of a group calling the state of Mississippi to remove the Confederate emblem from its state flag.

I am one of those people that really appreciates it when authors use their position to talk about things they care about.

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