The Best of Bookish Art from Tumblr

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the bookish side of Tumblr — or Booklr, as some refer to it — is that there are so many great depictions of reading and books through art. Some pieces originate on Tumblr, while others pop up on Tumblr when they’re found through an artist’s website. We periodically share some of these great pieces of bookish art on the Book Riot Tumblr, but why not also do a round-up of some of the most striking and original pieces here, too?

While sometimes the original artist of a piece isn’t credited on Tumblr (which is one big downside of the social site), I’ve tracked down the artists for each of these pieces below to give credit where it’s due. Links go to the artist’s website or Tumblr, where applicable.


nighttime reading

Nighttime reading by Julianna Brazil


her room

Her Room by Anna Speshilova




La Porta d’Oriente by Vittorio Giardino


Stories From the Sunworld by Chiara Bautista



Reading by Yelena Bryksenkova


reading on the rovos rail

Reading on the Rovos Rail by Faustio Becatti


lost in a story

Lost in a Story by Budi Kwan


reader in the park

Reader in the Park by Paul Gallo


couple on train

Untitled by Shawn Ferreyra



Untitled series of bookish illustrations by Fernando Vicente


girl with ereader

The Bookworm by Fiona Marchbank


girl reading in lawn

Girl Reading in Lawn by Miles Hyman


reading under a tree in autumn

Reading Under A Tree in Autumn by Penelope Dullaghan


book illustration

Book Illustration by Bua


perfect date

Perfect Date by Mary McLain

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