Critical Linking: August 16, 2015

You can look up over 12 million books (all of the popular titles are in there), and the site will give you details on how many pages it is, how many words it is, and what it’s about. Just enter your book, and you’ll take a quick reading test. This test offers an idea of how many words per minute you read, and based on that number, the site then tells you approximately how long it will take you to read that particular book.

THIS is really neat. It told me I read 655 words a minute, which I think is a bit overblown (an easy paragraph with lots of line breaks means reading more quickly than a denser paragraph). But this would be really useful for vacation reading planning.



Natural good looks? Check. A way with customers? Check. Uncanny knack of laying down on the exact book you want to buy? And… check. We’re feline fine about these 12 Canadian bookstore cats from coast to coast.

Bookstore cats! Canadian bookstore cats, even.


The myths we allow ourselves to believe about reading will continue to shape the reading lives of those we teach.  We have to stop ourselves from harming the reading experience.  We have to take control of what we say, what we do, and what we think because our students are the ones being affected.  We have a tremendous power to destroy the very reading identity we say we want to develop.  It stops now.  It stops with us.

A great post on the myths that we pass on as truth to young readers. Especially timely as a new school year draws near.


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