The Iliad Is Being Read Live NOW RIGHT NOW

RIGHT NOW the entirety of The Iliad is being read being read in the Great Court at the British Museum. This massive undertaking can be livestreamed HERE.

While it’s damned exciting to have a cast of 60+ actors performing a classic nonstop, I have some suggestions to improve the experience:

  1. For each of the “So-and-so begat so-and-so” bits, have each character named march enthusiastically across the stage, like so:anime-marching


  1. Make a cardboard cutout of a Trojan Horse that the Greek soldiers cunningly hide behind.

Or a rabbit if nobody knows how to draw a horse


  1. Have everyone boo, vaudeville-style, whenever Paris shows up, because Paris is the terrible character who ruins everything.

    Example: “Booooooo”



  1. Have a squad of Achilles fangirls in the audience who scream “ACHILLEEEEES!!” whenever he does something heroic.fangirling

Any other ideas? Suggestions? Things you would most desperately like to see in a marathon reading of The Iliad? THIS INCLUDES CASTING IDEAS (preferably with pictures).

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