Critical Linking for August 12th, 2015


There are so many books out there that speak to Black and brown life that, unfortunately, don’t get the media attention they deserve. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve our dollars. In support of these works, here’s a collection of 10 books every (blerd) fiction snob needs on their bookshelf.

Not your everyday list of 10 Books That Every Book Snob Needs In Their Life.


Coates and I had a great conversation via email, where we discussed Between the World and Me, the rhetoric of the black body, and what it takes to discuss race in a culture that makes such discussions so contentious and, at times, seemingly impassable.  —Roxane Gay

A not to be missed conversation.


If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk, because charity encourages helplessness and ingratitude.

Ayn Rand would never give a mouse a cookie. But what if she did?


The CW plans to turn The Notebook into a television series; in other words, they’re making a huge bet that the world’s love of this Nicholas Sparks classic was not contingent upon the dual charisma of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

Just…..please no. 

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