Off-Panel: Remembering the Fantastic Four Having a Good Time

Swapna’s away and has left me the keys to Off-Panel this week, which means all the Alpha Flight news that’s fit to print! Ok, just one story. Sort of. So far.

In the issue, Wade is interviewed by a general in Canada, who wants to have Wade experimented on so he can be turned into a superhero and potentially even join Alpha Flight. This is part of Department H, which is connected to Weapon X. You know them as the guys who captured Wolverine and forced him to have a metal skeleton.

This is a great Deadpool trailer breakdown that also fleshes out the backstory for those of you who are Deadpool newbies.

fantastic four having fun

Everyone’s being mean to the Fantastic Four’s new movie, so here’s 26 covers where we get to see them having a good time.

Exactly 53 years ago, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced the world to Spider-Man, creating one of the most successful comic book franchises of all time.

It was Spidey’s birthday! Did you get him a cake?

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