Critical Linking for August 11th, 2015


From Edgar Allan Poe’s account of a transatlantic balloon-crossing to JG Ballard’s hair-raising ruminations on Ronald Reagan, here are 10 narratives that blurred the boundaries between fact and fiction 

I had heard of Poe’s balloon hoax, but the rest of these Top 10 Literary Hoaxes are new to me.


Shakespeare may have been aware of the deleterious effects of cocaine as a strange compound. Possibly, he preferred cannabis as a weed with mind-stimulating properties.

That Shakespeare got high should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen or read A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Their broken friendship has been restored — in fiction, at least — in a forthcoming middle-grade novel, “Tru & Nelle,” by Greg Neri. Though Ms. Lee and Mr. Capote have each individually been the subject of numerous biographies, documentaries and feature films, “Tru & Nelle” is the first book to focus primarily on their childhood bond.

What is it that we find so fascinating about Lee and Capote’s friendship? We just can’t get enough of it.


That’s right, we’re getting another Tolkien book! The Story of Kullervo will be released on August 27th in the UK and while it is unfinished (like The Fall of Arthur), it will feature notes from Tolkien on the work and its mythology, as well as notes by Tolkien scholar, Verlyn Flieger.

On an infinite timescale, every word on every scrap of paper from Tolkien will be published.

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