Critical Linking for August 11th, 2015: Evening Edition

A special bonus evening edition of Critical Linking…

So far, 2015 has offered more than its share of excellent debut novels. Some of these were the first works we’d heard of from the authors in questions; in other cases, we found ourselves looking at works that fulfilled the promise of the fantastic short fiction that preceded it. Whether on presses large or small, these are some of the debut novels that have caught our attention so far this year.

I can vouch for two of these Best Debut Novels of 2015 So Far, and am looking forward to checking out the rest.


He took off to cheers, then turned, and came flying back toward the crowd. He maneuvered gracefully, made several complete circles and ended by landing gently within yards of where he had started. He’d been in the air for a little less than two minutes. The crowd went wild. Louis Blériot, who was a flyer himself and present, was overwhelmed. So was France itself. There was immediate acclaim. Doubt about the Wrights’ achievement vanished; people were aware that another era had begun.

Oh what a little gift. A last James Salter piece, and so appropriately on the Wright brothers.


Fans of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series will be pleased to know Sony has officially announced the January 13, 2017 release of the film adaptation, reports SlashFilm.

After all this time, it looks like this adaptation is finally happening. The one all King fans have been excited and nervous for.


Ernest Cline has signed a deal with the Penguin Random House imprint, Crown Publishing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cline will receive a seven-figure advance for this project.

Still upset that Cline’s second books wasn’t called Ready Player Two.