Critical Linking for August 10th, 2015


So it’s time to start paying attention, and taking this wild and wonderful hobby as seriously as it deserves. There are five seriously dangerous mistakes you might be making that are ruining your reading experience. Luckily for you, I’m here to point them out to you, so you can live to read another day.

I do pretty well with items 1 through 4 on this list of 5 Reading Mistakes You Are Probably Making, but I have never been able to shake number 5.


Puro Amor
The animals would always be there for her
By Sandra Cisneros

Cisneros’ story anchors The Washington Post fiction issue.


Among Coffees, falsies and the codes of southern womanhood, this book finds its truest thread. I want to see more of the post-WWII social stratum of families with their Mixmasters and matchbox houses, more of Jean Louise’s life in New York, where she does not date but goes to the Artist’s League to paint at night.

If there really is another Lee manuscript out there, I do hope it is about Jean Louise in New York.


Once and only once did I venture to suggest that a couple of words more interesting than “that” or “the” needed to be added to fill out a resolutely unsatisfactory sentence, and the Hymans accepted my suggestion. It’s a heady thing for me that I actually contributed two whole substantive words to a Shirley Jackson story, but the truth is that if I did my job properly, if I did that brain burrowing that my colleague said was the real art of copyediting, they’re not my words at all; they’re Jackson’s. I just had to listen for them.

A fantastic essay on copyediting Shirley Jackson.

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