Critical Linking: 10 Grammar Mistakes That Are Actually Correct

I am by no means a grammar expert; I just enjoy reading about grammar. These non-rules are backed up by various grammarians and linguists. You can also feel free to correct my grammar. I figure that if I write a post about grammar, karma dictates that it will contain no fewer than a dozen typographical and grammatical errors.

Calm your nerves grammar police: you no longer have to wring your hands over 10 Grammar Mistakes That Are Actually Correct.


Last fall, after he’d just found an unpublished story by John Steinbeck, Gulli told NPR’s Arun Rath that he’d actually been looking for one by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Now, he’s tracked it down — and he joined Rath again to talk about the find. The story is called “Temperature,” and Gulli says it has a little something for everyone. “There’s some madcap comedy, some [P.G.] Wodehousian dialogue, some romance, even a little bit of some tragedy in it,” he tells Rath.

The drumbeat of rediscovered lost works continues.


And so, 47 years ago today, Franklin joined the “Peanuts” gang. The introduction made the predictable cultural ripples.

“Schulz received some messages from the South from [editors], saying: ‘Please don’t send us any more strips with black children in the classroom with white children. We’re going through forced integration in our schools and don’t want to see any more of these strips,’ ” Glickman recounts.

An amazing story of how Peanuts became integrated.

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