Critical Linking: August 2, 2015

Whether you’ve been bursting with big ideas you don’t know what to do with or you’re feeling a creative slump, take heed. Here are ten beautifully designed books for visual learners, creative thinkers, and arty types who need a kick in the pants to get motivated and express themselves to the fullest.

I’m always looking for books to keep my creative mind going. I added several of these suggestions to my to-read list.


If the standard benefits of reading, which include knowledge absorption and entertainment, were only complemented by the additional benefits of the ability to refocus, regroup, and make better decisions, it would be enough to argue that everyone should read for their own good. But according to Billington and Sue Wilkinson, the CEO of The Reading Agency, a UK charity that develops and delivers programs to encourage people to read more, experts are now discovering reading has numerous additional benefits to physical and psychological health.

“Reading for pleasure in general can also help prevent conditions such as stress, depression, and dementia,” says Wilkinson. “Research has shown that people who read for pleasure regularly report fewer feelings of stress and depression than non-readers. Large scale studies in the U.S. show that being more engaged with reading, along with other hobbies, is associated with a lower subsequent risk of incidents of dementia.

Reading is legitimately good for your health. Go ahead, stay in today and pick up another book from your pile.


This new infographic from Rayburn Tours walks us through the hallowed halls of fiction, television, and film’s most famous schools. Many of our favorite stories feature friendly classmates, challenging teachers, and flirtatious newcomers—offering both social and academic educations—all before the final bell rings!

This infographic is a fun way to look at fictional schools from fiction, television, and movies. Do you have a favorite fictional school?


8. Another is that it is, amid its pathos, awfully funny. Gregor Samsa wakes to discover he has six legs and a shell, yet for some pages he thinks that what ails him might just be the kind of throat complaint that is “the occupational malady of travellers”. What can you do but laugh?

The Metamorphosis is one of the few books I’ve read that I can say changed my life — not so much in terms of what it is about, but rather, what it did to me as a reader and thinker at the time I read it. These 100 thoughts about the story are great.


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