Critical Linking: August 1, 2015

We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community to send us photos of their Harry Potter-inspired tattoos. Here are the magical results.

Wow. These are fun and creative and if you are thinking about a Harry Potter tattoo, here are 42 design inspirations for you.


The success and loveability of “Cat in the Hat” or “The Grinch” overshadow much of Seuss’ other lesser-known work, like his two books for adults, a live-action musical film and an Academy Award-winning documentary. During World War II, he drew more than 400 political cartoons for the leftist magazine PM. They look like black and white versions of his books, but with far darker messages (and many with ugly stereotyped portrayals of the Japanese and other ethnicities that would be considered offensive today). He drew a giant Yeti-like creature — labeled “Russia’s Winter” — crushing a puny Hitler under its weight. Trees that look like the ones in “Hop On Pop” are gnawed down by a Nazi woodpecker as another bird in an Uncle Sam hat waits atop a tree nearby.

This look into the life of Dr. Seuss is really fascinating.


4. Always carry your book with you.

It’s easy in 2015 to turn to your smartphone to pass the time, but you’ll likely get more long-term value from reading a book than your Facebook newsfeed. 

Whether you prefer your books on an e-reader or you like them in physical form, carrying your current read with you throughout your daily routine can be the reminder you need to crack it open. When it’s sitting in your bag it’s easy to reach on the subway, train, or even in the impossibly long lunch-hour line at Chipotle.

I always love pieces about how to snag more reading time every day, and this one is particularly good, as it links to a number of other worthwhile pieces. Also, I’ve never thought about doing #1. Though I’m not sure how much I like the bonus tip, simply because I think it takes the joy out of reading.

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