Critical Linking for July 28th, 2015


There are countless books that tell the tales of people whose lives have been changed for the better because of books, and that, my friends, is something we can all relate to. Here are 14 of the best books about books and book lovers, because we can always use more books in our lives.

These 14 best books about book lovers are total book nerd catnip. (Do music nerds love music about music lovers? Or film buffs movies about movie geeks?)


A misprinted copy of Go Set a Watchman has sold for $1,556 (£988) on the AbeBooks marketplace. Earlier this month, it emerged that a number of the UK first editions were missing sections of text from pages toward the end of Harper Lee’s novel.

If you can find a copy that is missing Atticus’ segregationist speeches, I bet you could get 5 times that.


Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf by Catherine Storr was re-issued by Puffin Books at the beginning of July. With its charming black and white illustrations of a little girl with pigtails and knee socks, it is a throwback to another age. Yet the story of a resourceful child who outwits a wolf has flown to the top of the children’s best-seller list at Waterstones, out-selling popular adult titles including Paula Hawkins’ hit thriller The Girl On The Train.

One thing that I have learned since starting to learn about the publishing industry: do not sleep on children’s books.


“I compare it to vinyl records or 35 mm cameras,” he says. “You see this movement — the more progress we make in electronics and digital devices, the more desire there is to go back to something that keeps it physical.” Janssens thinks, however, we may have hit the peak of the typewriter craze. “Now the big thing is Polaroids.”

Of course typewriters are having a moment. Because of course they are.

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