Critical Linking: July 25, 2015

16 Incredible Library Bars in London

London trip-planning time! Some of these are downright gorgeous.



From a study of beachcombing to the year’s best crime fiction, leading authors recommend favourites and reveal what books they’ll be packing for the summer holidays.

Prepare your to-be-read lists.


Goodreads have released their 15 most popular books with the word “girl” in the title, and the diverse list ranges from romance to YA to historical fiction. These books are the most-read and highest-rated “girl” novels on Goodreads right now, and they seem to show that novels about traditionally “female” topics like love and jewelry might finally get the attention they deserve.

This look at the most popular books on Goodreads with “Girl” in the title is really interesting. A nice mix of all types of books and reading levels.


Books hold a special, significant place in Wes Anderson’s films, and The A to Z Review has put together a neat supercut of the various points throughout his films where books are featured.

Watching it, it’s interesting to see just how important books are to Anderson’s films, and how much the director draws upon a literary tradition to structure his films: I’ve always sort of known that his books are sort of like novels, but seeing these together really brings the point home.



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