Book Fetish: Volume 168

Luna Lovegood Radish Earrings: Since I used to cosplay as Luna for every midnight release party (and made my own version of these earrings), I have a particular fondness for the weird jewelry that Luna was fond of.

radish earrings


Secret Compartment Book Stack: Keep your most precious goods out of sight, with this unique hidden box.

secret compartment book stack

Gertrude Stein Tee Shirt: I love these shirts with a different take on author profiles. Grab my girl Gertrude’s pixie cut now.



Sticky Bookmarks: These vignette page markers are fantastic; my favorites are the New York City skyline and Nessie. And Sky. And Mars. And Tokyo. And and and…

new york book stickies

nessie book stickies

Literature is My Boyfriend Necklace: Nothing (or nobody) I’d rather stay in on a Saturday with.

literature is my boyfriend necklace



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