Critical Linking for July 21st, 2015


From museums and historic homes to out-of-the-way bookstores and bars, your literary-themed summer roadtrip just got easier to plan.

This Literary Guide to America should fuel the wanderlust in even the most reclusive book lover.


The Spotify playlist above, brought to us by Ulysses Classical (makers of the Stanley Kubrick Playlist), presents a huge collection of recorded Shakespeare plays and poems, as well as the scores and incidental music for English-language productions. The actors represented–Sirs Gielgud, Olivier, and McKellen, Derek Jacobi, Edith Evans–are mostly English stage royalty, but we also have Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and actor Richard Burton, and Americans Paul Robeson, Rosalind Russell, and Orson Welles. The value of such a collection is inestimable–68 hours of Shakespeare read and performed by some of the world’s finest actors.

This is a treasure trove for Bardites.


Telling of Wall Street worker (and psychopath) Patrick Bateman’s adventures through rape, torture, cannibalism, murder and necrophilia, ever since American Psycho was first published in 1991, Australia’s classification laws have given it a “restricted classification” and insisted that it only be sold “in a sealed wrapper and to adults”. 

Today’s dispatch from weird book-selling laws from around the world.


Publisher book sales were down 6.6 percent during the first quarter of 2015, as compared to the comparable time frame last year.

Racist Atticus and boring Christian to the rescue!


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