Off-Panel: July 17, 2015

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“One night back in 2012 she and a friend starting sketching Marvel’s male superhero Hawkeye in the same ludicrously sexual poses that were usually reserved for his female counterparts. Stevenson posted her sketches online and, much to her surprise, the inside joke between friends blossomed into the massively successful Hawkeye Initiative.”

Noelle Stevenson is the best, and this Vanity Fair profile is great. Also she’s 23. I feel so old.

“By the time this new launch comes around, it will have been almost two years since the premiere of MS. MARVEL—and boy, has Kamala Khan been through a lot since then.  She’s been slowly coming into her own, dealing with the challenges of navigating adulthood and being a super hero. But her training is over now and it’s time for the big leagues; the question is can she handle it?”

We’re all wondering what post-Secret Wars has in store for Kamala Khan.

“But which other icon from the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a good fit for the actor? To find out, we had [Paul Rudd] take our “Which Marvel Movie Character Are You?” quiz when he recently stopped by BuzzFeed’s Los Angeles office.


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