Critical Linking for July 17th, 2015


The list that follows isn’t exhaustive — no book preview could be — but, at 9,100 words strong and encompassing 82 titles, this is the only second-half 2015 book preview you will ever need. Scroll down and get started.

I missed The Millions’ Great Second Half of 2015 Book Preview when I was on vacation last week. Remedying that now.


Some of Benson’s greatest adventures happened while she was in her 50s and 60s. She made numerous trips to Central America, including the Yucatán Peninsula in the 1960s, traversing the jungle in a Jeep, canoeing down rivers, visiting Mayan sites, and witnessing archaeological excavations. She had been an active swimmer since her college years and would often take a dive at the Toledo Club before going to work at the Blade. She saw Halley’s Comet twice in her lifetime: first as a child in 1910, and then again in 1986.

The first Nancy Drew author is way cooler than any of us will ever be.


What hasn’t changed is the quirky business model that Mason, the manager, dubs “Quimbynomics.” The store takes roughly a quarter of its stock on consignment: zines and comics and even books self-published by writers and artists from around the world. For each sale, Quimby’s keeps 40 percent and remits 60 percent to the creator. Many of those creators immediately turn around and spend all their earnings (and more) buying other people’s zines. “Some people are like, ‘I am getting my money, and then I have to leave immediately or I will spend it,'” says Kirsammer. “A lot of times they don’t make it out of the store.”

I love weird, niche bookstores.


HBO and Playtone partners Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman have found the subject of their next major miniseries. HBO has acquired the rights to The Wright Brothers. The new David McCullough book tells the story of Wilbur and Orville Wright, who sold and repaired bicycles out of an Ohio shop to pay for their passion: the invention of flying machines that ushered in the aeronautical age right after the turn of the 20th Century. 

I just finished this book and it is going to make a great miniseries. I am warning you about the mosquito scene already.

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