Critical Linking for July 16th, 2015


This list of 11 Charts That Captures What It Is Like to Be a Book Lover could also include a chart about loving bookish charts.


Barnes & Noble and Book-A-Million have both pronounced that Go Set a Watchman had the largest first day sale of any adult fiction book in the history of both retailers. B&N noted that Watchman sales topped those of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol which held the title of fastest first day sale since its release in 2009.

No numbers yet, but this is big talk from big retailers. 


Opened by Aaron Hicklin, editor-in-chief of Out magazine, One Grand is organized around the question “If you were on a desert island for the rest of your life, what 10 books would you take?”

The people who answered include Tilda Swinton, Justin Vivian Bond, Edmund White, Michael Cunningham, and Penny Arcade.

Each shelf has all ten picks from each person. This is taking retail curation to a whole other level. 


A 2011 study using data from the National Center for Education Statistics revealed that “..states that gained librarians from 2004–2005 to 2008–2009—such as New Jersey, Tennessee, and Wyoming—showed significantly greater improvements in fourth grade reading scores than states that lost librarians, like Arizona, Massachusetts, and Michigan.”

So why, in the face of readily available evidence, are so many budget cutters targeting school libraries?

Why indeed.

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