Off-Panel: July 15, 2015

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“[He] set out to buy her the Ms. Marvel costume of her dreams. However, he was bummed to find that no such costume existed. Not in stores, not online, not anywhere. He could find an inexplicably pink Spider Girl costume, but sadly nothing for a little girl wanting to dress up as the increasingly popular Ms. Marvel. So Captain Milkshake did what anyone vying for a best-parent-ever award would do: He made her one.”

Best dad is best.

“So the show is about how Jean-Luc Picard basically then became this replacement father figure for me, and how he and the show gave me advice. I saw a call for submissions from a theater in Bristol saying, “Submit your idea for a show and we’ll put it on.” So I did, thinking I’d finally have to write the show if they accepted it. They said yes and gave me dates, and I was like, “Oh no, now I have to write it! “

Yes yes yes I want to see this play.

“I hate when I get asked, ‘What’s it like to be a woman in comics?’” she tells them. Then, imagining her sarcastic response: “‘Well, I sit around typing with my vagina, but that gets uncomfortable after a while.’ The notion that somehow women are wildly different infuriates me. Fuck those people.”

If you missed this profile of Kelly Sue DeConnick in Vanity Fair, it is everything.

A woman checked out a book called How to Win a Local Election. And she did. Listen to Annotated on Apple Podcasts or Google Play to hear her story.