Off-Panel: SDCC Edition (July 14, 2015)

Welcome to our last special edition Off-Panel featuring news from SDCC! This is all the greatest news from the weekend’s events.

We take a look at the Eisner Award winners for 2015.

Joss Whedon is writing a new comic called Twist, described as a Victorian female Batman.

Ugh ugh ugh The Killing Joke animated movie ugh

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is the comic that EVERYONE was bemoaning wasn’t included in Marvel’s list. Well, it’ll be back in November, along with a new female-led Blade series!

The next Archie crossover? Archie Meets the Ramones!

Grant Morrison announced Multiversity Too, a new series of graphic novels.

The Batman v. Superman trailer was released. #hotAlfred, anyone? (No?? Just me then.)

And another trailer: VIXEN!!

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