Critical Linking for July 13th, 2015


One of the recent questions was, “Name one book that has had the greatest impact on your life.” This list contains 50 different books from 50 different entrepreneurs in the group from around the world.

These are some serious movers and shakers picking 50 Life-Impacting Books.


A number of major movie studios are bidding for the rights to adapt Patrick Rothfuss’s blockbuster novel The Name Of The Wind this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. According to the Hollywood Reporter, interest in the series has surged as the expected publication of the final installment draws closer.

First: this is one series where you could easily break each book into multiple films. Second: this article goes on to say that the third and final installment is expected in 2016. Third: get ready for some lute-playing.


Meanwhile, Royce’s group bought a 2,500-sq.-ft. storefront with a two-story space that he deemed perfect for the store. The company, at its own expense, is in the midst of building out the space in order to make a second bookstore more affordable for Annie Philbrick and Patience Banister, owners of Bank Square Books in nearby Mystic, Conn. The pair will own and operate the bookstore and 14-ft. coffee bar. As part of the deal, their rent will be based on the previous month’s sales.

It makes sense to me that developers think that bookstores make their projects more attractive, and so subsidizing them pays off.

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