Mid-Year Mailbag Giveaway: Win 30 Books!

So it’s too hot to leave your house to get books for summer reading? Let us send ours to you! We’ve hand-picked 30 (!!) of the coolest books from our mailbag these past few weeks, and put them all together in one mega-big-not-small giveaway. Here’s the whole kit ‘n kaboodle:

mailbag giveaway

And a few close-ups of the stacks:

stack 1

stack 2

stack 3

stack 4

Yes, that is a coloring book for grown-ups on the right there.

To enter, just sign up for the Book Riot Live newsletter by filling out the form below! Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm, Tuesday, July 14th. Winners will be randomly selected. Open internationally.


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