The List List #159

This week’s List List is sponsored by Lists of Note by Shaun Usher.

lists of noteLists of Note gives us an unexpected glimpse into history. Over 125 entries from a list of people that are as eclectic and intriguing as the book’s contents span the centuries. These wish lists, to-dos, inventories, resolutions, best-ofs, pros and cons, and more reveal hopes, priorities, and musings in a most engaging and entertaining way.  Included here is a list of murder suspects scribbled by John F. Kennedy’ secretary just hours after the president’s assassination; Johnny Cash’s ‘Things to Do Today’ (plus one thing not to do); Albert Einstein’s demands of his estranged wife; a litany of reasons (some surprisingly familiar) given by Ancient Egyptians for missing work; and many more. Facsimiles of the lists themselves, artwork, and historical commentary are woven throughout this handsome volume. Offering intimate perspectives on public and private lives, Lists of Note is a trove of discovery – and a testament to the human urge to bring order to, poke fun at, and find meaning in the world around us.


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