Book Fetish: Volume 164

Grey Handcuff Bracelet: In honor of today’s release of the new 50 Shades book, it’s only appropriate to include a naughty little accessory to show off your adventurous side.


Bad Grammar Mug: It’s so punny.

bad grammar sic mug

Mary Poppins Weathervane: Got some spare cash and a bare roof? This handcrafted copper weathervane, featuring everyone’s favorite nanny, is an absolutely stunning way to put the cherry on top of your home.


Winter is Coming Candle: While you’re waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones (or for the long summer days to end), take a whiff of Winter.

winter is coming GOT candle

Pig Bookmarks: Call this the farm-to-table version of bookmarks: from snout to tail. (Pig butt!)

pig butt bookmark

pig snout bookmark


Get four surprise books and bookish goodies for all your summer reading needs in our Summer Reading Box:

beach box fb

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