Critical Linking for June 15th, 2015

For those who love books, but don’t have enough time for reading. Here are the best books you can read in under an hour each.

For those times you need a quick fix, here are 24 Books You Can Read in Under an Hour.


A pristine copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit has sold at auction for a record £137,000 (just over $213,000 US), more than double the record for the previous record, set in 2008. One reason for the high price? Tolkien signed the copy for Katherine Kilbride, a student of Tolkien’s in the 1920s.

Not quite as valuable as a mithril shirt, but not too shabby.


Kidd’s new book, Judge This, details how he takes in commonplace design details in his world throughout his day. TIME asked him to name five of his favorite classic book covers — plus one of his own.

When the great Chip Kidd highlights great book covers, you pay attention.


His books are the ultimate union of the geeky and the pulpy. Which is why one of this summer’s surefire blockbusters, Jurassic World, and one of this fall’s signature HBO series, Westworld, are both based on ideas that originated in the mind of a man who died almost seven years ago.

Good retrospective on the literary history of the Jurassic Park franchise.


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